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Day 19 (5 Feb)

4213Km - and Epilogue

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Actually this is day 20 now. Well rested and having my morning read of internet news and a good tea. The sun is out!

I tried to find some interesting quotes on travel and getting home ..... one of those soft pictures with a serious message.
Then noticed this...


No need to answer when you see me. There will still be a lot of ass in me whatever happens.

The road trip was good and it delivered;

1. meeting old places was good to find back some of the good memories. But each place changed in a way and so did I. From here no time to look back any more. Lucky I have no hidden desires AT all to go back to some of the other places I lived such as Djibouti/Romania/Malaysia. From here looking forward what is still out there (in other countries/places).
2. some friends asked me up front if I was not going to be alone. Being on my own is not a punishment for me and I am comfortable with it.
It is not the quantity of friends but the quality. The trip made me appreciate the people I like to call my friends - actually not call but feel inside they are friends and special people. At the end of the trip, the feeling to get back was just getting greater. Particularly to be closer to my kids.
3. Overall this fact that coming home is always a good feeling. I needed this trip as a 20y nomad to appreciate also the fact that this house is gradually becoming a home. It certainly gave me new energy to plan the last decoration items as well as fixing the garden this spring!

Sorry for these reflections if you were more interested in the travel bit.

Day 19 was the ultimate driving stretch. Over 1100Km. I was already in the mood to get back so nothing spectacular happened on the road. No pictures, no events.

Travel wise - my suggestion is still for you to get a mini cruise and do;
- the Baltic states. Or fly in cheaply and rent a car, hopping from one capital city to the other. AND DO THIS IS SUMMER.
- Copenhagen. It should be a great City trip, as most of internet tells you. Could have enjoyed a bit more but yes, weather..... Go for it.

P.S. Maybe you were thinking; has he gone soft in the head? Why talking about emotions etc - he is only (at the end) gone for 2,5 weeks?! Yes but do not forget that the plan was one month or so. Indeed I cut it short as such thoughts went through my head.
And if it is not enough - when I got home and checked the post - found two death letters of people in the neighbourhood who died in the short time I was gone. If nothing else, this is a clear reminder to use the time to the max.

Looking forward to meet the ones who live close and very much look forward to the ones living further away when they will visit me in the near future!
Let us have some fun when the time is there.


Do not know when but there will be certainly a "Southern trip" - in spring or autumn. Drive from Belgium through France. Stay in Bordeaux and do the wine area - some great places to stay in the countryside. And then all along the northern coast of Spain, up to Compostella. Great nature with the sea and the Picos de Europa. Great food, mainly fish. If anyone feels like joining, or just fly into a town on route for a couple of days, just let me know.

Over and out.

Zuienkerke, 5th Feb 2017

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Day 18 (4 Feb)

Copenhagen (2)

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Second day in Copenhagen.

Visited early in the morning the National Museum of Denmark.
It has a large collection of things all Danish. From stone age to the Viking period, up to modern times.
Many items to be seen. Most interesting for me a Viking ship of ... AD.


Afterwards had a walk in a new area, Nyhavn. Shops and restaurants.


Lots of people on the streets and the tourists in great numbers.

I was looking for a restaurant that Rick Stein recommended in his weekend trip, but could not.
By accident ran into a restaurant called Sea (by Kinn Kinn).
The same owner has the only Michelin one star Thai restaurant outside Thailand. So no surprise this little cousin was equally a surprising good place. One of the top meals ever.


Had a quick visit to Le Magasin (gallery) again. They found a good solution to make the shopping experience interesting for husbands; at the ladies department they have a bar. Was busy, as you would expect.


Walking around the center, came across one of the most expensive hotels in Copenhagen, the Hotel d'Angleterre. Confusing no for Danmark, call your hotel - Hotel of Britain - but then do it in french?! Whatever.


Did some more walking but the weather was still lousy so late afternoon back to the hotel.

Guess the time is running out. My mind getting ready to head home tomorrow.

As already said yesterday. Copenhagen is really a nice place, but do it with good weather....

This is it.

Tomorrow once more the road, expect to do it in one go. 1000Km and a ferry. With half on German autobahn and on a Sunday, should work.

Will let you know ....


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Day 17 (3 Feb)

Copenhagen ( part 1)

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I know who I have to blame for this.
This guy;


Rick Stein.

Maybe you know him, otherwise suggest you try and catch one of his TV programs on BBC. He is a celebrity cook such as Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver but kind of second division (he is more specialised in fish...). He has now a series where he makes weekend trips to culinary cities. Bordeaux, Lisbon, Cadiz, Thessaloniki, etc etc. Amongst all those, few months ago also Copenhagen.
And he was very enthusiastic about the new Danish cuisine next to the city as a whole.
Stuck in my mind and the seed was planted.

I can tell you up front that Copenhagen is indeed a beautiful city but more than ever - do not do it in freezing winter!

One thing that did not fall well = feel Copenhagen is way overpriced. Hotels are plenty but very expensive wherever you go. Mine particularly as a 4* did not have value/money/square meter. So whatever you do in case you visit Copenhagen, bring enough cash to sleep and dine - but do not go to the Imperial Hotel. Cannot recommend it to you.

Also have to tell you that I am guilty the same way as most women have blamed their husbands and boyfriends!!
We men do not
A. ask for directions
B. consult maps.

Found an article on the subject out of the Telegraph - here is the link if you want to read it all.
The closing alinea are like;
But the notion that men - as a gender – might have a roaming gene cannot be discounted. Millions of sperms get lost and never make it to the egg. Men are known to be leavers in relationships. Men are prone to idealising meaningless movement; trainspotting, birdwatching, drone-flying are all expressions of this and all hobbies that attract millions of males.
But we should not be ashamed of this wayfaring drive. Getting lost should be repositioned as a quality of strength and character. The life journey only ever terminates in death – and who wants to get there? Getting lost is, in this broader, philosophical context, the very definition of what it means to be human: exploring the sideroads, pondering on the meaningless of it all, and delaying the inevitable.

Fits me well.

The first day of Copenhagen I just went out of the hotel in a general direction. Did not "meet" any of the listed sights or museums and the worst - did not care. Just kept wandering around.

I was going to make a second comment here but have meanwhile been corrected by Wikipedia again. Had the impression that Copenhagen is bigger than for instance Antwerp. But have now checked and inhabitants are similar, 562K for Copenhagen and 503K for Antwerp. So without too much science, simply is that Copenhagen is more walking than the condensed center of Antwerp. Another reason why I did not get to the sites...

I found a few things though;

1. big store called Le "Magasin". It has not only a French name but it wants to look like the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, inside and outside. But what really makes them Danish is the floor with Danish design for kitchen and cooking. Second trap was that there were still sales going on - or as they call it; Udslag. I was lost here for a few hours - mainly to enjoy all the wonderful items - but managed to buy some to stuff to take home and upgrade some of my cooking fun.

2. there is quite a bit of construction going on in the center of the city - mainly for the Metro. Instead of just blocking the sites off with wood panels, they have added some interesting posters. One theme around one site was satelite pictures of ESA - the European Space Agency.


Great to make the boards more interesting but I simply had to google the original picture on the ESA site. Go and dive in yourself, it is just amazing - it is not just the Americans that do this stuff. Some samples - I just love deserts. Respectively the Namib, Algeria and Mars (polar cap)...


3. Danish. Same for Swedish, these languages are connected to Dutch as in the same family group. So you constantly see signs or notices with either a funny word or totally not making sense. Not going to say what image this sign raised with me, go for your own imagination.


4. Danish do not feel the cold as much as we do. The number of people on bicycles at -4 is a mystery. And most do not wear proper head gear or scarves. I guess sitting outside for dinner was just a little too much today;


OK, so this was my a-typical day in Copenhagen.
Will try to make an effort tomorrow to check a few tourist places - museums or so, excellent for keeping warm.
Also try Danish food (as up to now only Italian and Indian. I think I am safe as the famous rotten fish is from Iceland. Correct, no??).

And come back to you.
If no news for one week, check Danish hospitals for food poisoning cases.


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Day 16 (2 Feb)

yet another day of ... driving

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Closed the gap from Sweden to Copenhagen today.

Probably this will be as boring for you to look at than for me to drive it.
Lucky I did not have to listen to old Abba songs. Feel free to do so if you still like them.

An odd 500Km but as expected, no issue with the excellent Swedish roads.


The views are however boring. Endless lines of X-mas trees.
If they at least they would hang some blinking lights and X-mas balls in some of them.....



The only event is the crossing of the Oresund bridge between basically Malmo and Copenhagen.
Had to force the GPS a little bit as the fastest road was calculated via the E4 in Sweden. I noticed too late that it was sending me to Helsingborg, further North of the bridge and expected to take a ferry crossing into Denmark. Having done 7,5 hours on a ferry the day before I had no desire to add another one. So ended up with a bit of a detour but not that bad - the whole drive was going well so the extra 50Km or so did not weigh up against experiencing the bridge again.


Here an aerial picture from Wikipedia. First part is a ENORMOUS bridge of 7845m, second part turns into a 4 Km tunnel. It is 57m above the water so that the largest ships can pass under it. 5Y to build and costing some 2.6billion Euro. About 20.000 cars cross every day (on the 2nd of Feb I was car 13.413...joke, how would I know?).


Made it well in time to the hotel and had a first quick look at Copenhagen.
But it was cold and impossible to stay long in the freezer.

Two days more to explore, so tomorrow is another day.


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Day 15 (1 Feb)

the NOT day today

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Have not much to say.

Ferry. 7,5 Hours.

Not enough sleep.
At terminal 7H. Tired now.


Not going to Visby. Although there is a long time interest, that is not the issue.

Not a mystery for you any more that there is not enough snow around - also not in Sweden.
So will not be interesting enough to do two more ferries and stay a few days in the wrong season without the snow..

I do not have any pictures for this day. You have seen inside of ferries, or not? Not going to bore you with that.

Got to the other side at local time 17.30H but not finished yet.

Added some 120Km on the road so that I have not too long tomorrow.
Still around 500Km to go to Copenhagen tomorrow. But should be not difficult on the good Swedish roads.

Plan to stay a few days in Copenhagen, have not been there as a tourist so you should get a good story from there - unless you already visited. Also not to difficult to check in internet. Anyway, I will give you my story by Saturday/Sunday.

Not sure where it will end then. Not impossible that I may head home after Copenhagen ..... one part of me wants to go home. Some of my restlessness has been fed and it looks like the demon is asleep (for now).
After all, there are other projects such as Northern coastline of Spain (was targeted for March/April) and a promise to visit Lebanon soon.
Maybe, just maybe - not sure - make a stop in North Holland.....

Will let you know by end of the week.


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