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Day 17 (3 Feb)

Copenhagen ( part 1)

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I know who I have to blame for this.
This guy;


Rick Stein.

Maybe you know him, otherwise suggest you try and catch one of his TV programs on BBC. He is a celebrity cook such as Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver but kind of second division (he is more specialised in fish...). He has now a series where he makes weekend trips to culinary cities. Bordeaux, Lisbon, Cadiz, Thessaloniki, etc etc. Amongst all those, few months ago also Copenhagen.
And he was very enthusiastic about the new Danish cuisine next to the city as a whole.
Stuck in my mind and the seed was planted.

I can tell you up front that Copenhagen is indeed a beautiful city but more than ever - do not do it in freezing winter!

One thing that did not fall well = feel Copenhagen is way overpriced. Hotels are plenty but very expensive wherever you go. Mine particularly as a 4* did not have value/money/square meter. So whatever you do in case you visit Copenhagen, bring enough cash to sleep and dine - but do not go to the Imperial Hotel. Cannot recommend it to you.

Also have to tell you that I am guilty the same way as most women have blamed their husbands and boyfriends!!
We men do not
A. ask for directions
B. consult maps.

Found an article on the subject out of the Telegraph - here is the link if you want to read it all.
The closing alinea are like;
But the notion that men - as a gender – might have a roaming gene cannot be discounted. Millions of sperms get lost and never make it to the egg. Men are known to be leavers in relationships. Men are prone to idealising meaningless movement; trainspotting, birdwatching, drone-flying are all expressions of this and all hobbies that attract millions of males.
But we should not be ashamed of this wayfaring drive. Getting lost should be repositioned as a quality of strength and character. The life journey only ever terminates in death – and who wants to get there? Getting lost is, in this broader, philosophical context, the very definition of what it means to be human: exploring the sideroads, pondering on the meaningless of it all, and delaying the inevitable.

Fits me well.

The first day of Copenhagen I just went out of the hotel in a general direction. Did not "meet" any of the listed sights or museums and the worst - did not care. Just kept wandering around.

I was going to make a second comment here but have meanwhile been corrected by Wikipedia again. Had the impression that Copenhagen is bigger than for instance Antwerp. But have now checked and inhabitants are similar, 562K for Copenhagen and 503K for Antwerp. So without too much science, simply is that Copenhagen is more walking than the condensed center of Antwerp. Another reason why I did not get to the sites...

I found a few things though;

1. big store called Le "Magasin". It has not only a French name but it wants to look like the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, inside and outside. But what really makes them Danish is the floor with Danish design for kitchen and cooking. Second trap was that there were still sales going on - or as they call it; Udslag. I was lost here for a few hours - mainly to enjoy all the wonderful items - but managed to buy some to stuff to take home and upgrade some of my cooking fun.

2. there is quite a bit of construction going on in the center of the city - mainly for the Metro. Instead of just blocking the sites off with wood panels, they have added some interesting posters. One theme around one site was satelite pictures of ESA - the European Space Agency.


Great to make the boards more interesting but I simply had to google the original picture on the ESA site. Go and dive in yourself, it is just amazing - it is not just the Americans that do this stuff. Some samples - I just love deserts. Respectively the Namib, Algeria and Mars (polar cap)...


3. Danish. Same for Swedish, these languages are connected to Dutch as in the same family group. So you constantly see signs or notices with either a funny word or totally not making sense. Not going to say what image this sign raised with me, go for your own imagination.


4. Danish do not feel the cold as much as we do. The number of people on bicycles at -4 is a mystery. And most do not wear proper head gear or scarves. I guess sitting outside for dinner was just a little too much today;


OK, so this was my a-typical day in Copenhagen.
Will try to make an effort tomorrow to check a few tourist places - museums or so, excellent for keeping warm.
Also try Danish food (as up to now only Italian and Indian. I think I am safe as the famous rotten fish is from Iceland. Correct, no??).

And come back to you.
If no news for one week, check Danish hospitals for food poisoning cases.


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